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Expert Testimonials

Hair Alcohol Abuse (HAA) TestIn some cases, it is important to have an expert available to help the court understand the value of this science, and to interpret the results.

For expert interpretation of any alcohol or drug test results the BioPharma Institute recommends Dr. Carl M. Selavka (see brief biography located below). Expert testimonials may including interpretation of how a particular result correlates to a level of alcohol consumed during the period tested for. Dr. Selavka is available for written, live video, or in-person testimonials. Fees for expert testimonials are variable, and offered on a case-by-case basis. Contact us if an expert testimonial will be required: Call (888) 4-BIO-LRN or email [email protected].

For Expert Witness Testimonials:


Carl Selavka is a forensic scientist specializing in esoteric toxicology, explosives and arson. His career has been spent working with operational, academic and legal agencies to enhance forensic service infrastructures, quality and capacities. His toxicology specialties have been focused on hair, urine and oral fluid drug testing, hair and blood alcohol bio-markers, and the application of non-traditional forensics to harvest probative scientific information when normal tests would fail. A bullet summary of his background is provided below.


  • Forensic Toxicologist – Avee Laboratories, Clearwater FL – Serving as a specialty resource for a Pain Management lab testing over 1300 patients per day, using highly automated pre-analytical and LC-MS/MS instruments for comprehensive determinations of prescription compliance and redundancies.
  • Forensic Reporting Officer – Trimega Laboratories, Ltd. (London, UK; Cape Town, SA; Ulm, Germany) – Senior scientist delivering Hair Drug and Hair Alcohol Bio-Marker Testing contractor services to the EU (UK Family Court system [civil litigation, child protection & divorce / custody])
  • Consulting Forensic Scientist – Department of Defense & para-military organizations – Expert witness and consultant (criminal & work-place drug testing cases for civilian subjects / leadership teams)

APR 09 – APR 10:

  • Production Services Manager – US Air Force Drug Testing Laboratory, Brooks City-Base (San Antonio), Texas – Managed technical and administrative operational aspects of the Specimen Processing, Screening, Confirmation and Quality Control Branches of this DoD-accredited FUDT lab

SEP 07 – SEP 08:

  • Forensic Science Officer (Full-time Contractor) – Stationed: US Army Criminal Investigation Lab (USACIL; Ft. Gillem GA) – helped design and implement the DoD Forensic Enterprise System (DFES)

Prior ~10 yrs:

  • Director – MA State Police Crime Lab System (MSPCLS; Sudbury+Maynard + 6 Sat Labs)

Prior to MSPCLS:

  • (1996-1998): Director – Office of Forensic Services (NYS DCJS)
  • (1991-1996): Director – Forensic Operations & Criminalistics (NMS-Labs, a private Crime Lab & Forensic Toxicology lab in Willow Grove, PA)
  • (1987-1991): Assistant OIC / Operations Officer – US Army Drug Testing Lab (Tripler AMC, HI)

Other Forensics:

  • Created and taught a 40-hr Graduate (MS) course on Forensic Toxicology and Controlled Substance Analysis in the Forensic Science program at Penn State University (Contracted Visiting Professor)
  • Created and taught a 40-hr Undergrad course on Forensic Toxicology at SUNY-Albany (Northeast Regional Forensic Institute; NERFI)
  • NIJ Senior Program Manager (Investigative and Forensic Science Division [IFSD])

Professional Status:

  • Accreditation Inspector for the DHHS National Lab Certification Program (NLCP, mandatory Federal urine drug testing lab accreditation), contracted through RTI-International; ISO-17025 qualified
  • Served on Board of Directors for the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC), Largo FL
  • Former President of the American Board of Criminalistics (ABC, voluntary forensic certification Board) and FEPAC Commissioner (voluntary national accreditation for BS/BA, MS, and PhD forensic programs)
  • AAFS Fellow in Criminalistics, Member of SOFT, NEAFS, MAAFS, ACS, ASCLD, & ASTM E-30 with ~60 peer-reviewed and technical publications and ~180 formal forensic presentations

NOTE: Full Resume is Available by Request

Contact us if an expert testimonial will be required: Call (888) 4-BIO-LRN or email [email protected].